For a while I wondered if I could personally perform an effective love spell. But I figured it was a bad idea. Why do I think so? First of all, in order to perform a spell effectively, you need a lot of knowledge and experience. Love magic has been used for centuries, but it was different in every culture. Different props were used in ancient Egypt, and different in Slavic or Germanic magic. Each spell is different and has a different power. Someone who performs professional spells focuses on one field and deals mainly with those spells. Therefore, most of the ads are Egyptian spells, Wiccan spells, angel spells and love binding spells. Those who do them specialize in this. Therefore, I decided that despite the fact that I am in a difficult love situation, I will not perform the spell personally. I believe that if I have no experience in this, the spell will do nothing, and maybe I will hurt myself. Of course, if someone is interested in magic and has some experience in it, he can try this ritual and perhaps he has some chance of success. But you have to take into account that working with energies is a serious matter, and I think it’s better to leave it to someone more experienced. At least I think so.

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