I am looking for an effective Spell Caster. I am most interested in reviews about love binding spell, egyptian love spell. The website love-spell.org offers egyptian love binding spell for $199.

In addition, the site offers such spells as:

-Wicca love spell 249$

-Powerful love spell 149$

-Spell to attract love 149$

-Loyalty spell 149$

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-Money spell 169$

-Spell to break up 169$

If anyone has used it, please feel free to share your opinion.

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  1. Egyptian love binding spell yielded great results. My situation before ordering the spell was average. Why average? Well, because a man left me, but he didn’t leave me for another woman and we continued to stay in touch. About once a week we texted each other with basic questions. It was a glimmer of hope for me that we still had a chance to be together someday. However, I didn’t want to leave everything to fate, so I decided to use love magic. My choice fell on love-spell.org for a simple reason – the website had the most positive reviews. After the spells I received the photos, which filled me with hope. So I waited quietly for the results of the spells. In the five weeks after the spells ended, nothing out of the ordinary happened. We continued to write to each other about once a week and I didn’t notice any major changes. However, after that time our contact improved. He himself started writing to me more often and we started dating again. Less than 11 weeks after the spell, we were together again, the proposal to return came from him. I am sincerely happy with the results. I highly recommend and Regards.

  2. I recommend egyptian love binding spell. I ordered it because I wanted to get back the man who left me for his ex-girlfriend. For the first few days after the breakup, I couldn’t recover. I couldn’t believe what had happened. Then I slowly started to recover, but I missed him so much. It was hard for me to accept that he wasn’t with me. I decided to look for a way to get him back. I found the website love-spell.org and after reading a few articles, I decided to use the spell. The spell worked within 3 months. Within the first 5 weeks they argued and broke up. We started dating again. After a dozen looser meetings, we made the decision to try again. We have been together for about 4 weeks now and are getting along great. I am incredibly happy that the spell worked, although I still have it in my head that he left me then. Sincerely.

  3. I am happy with the results of the spell from love-spell.org. The spell worked after almost 3 months of ordering when a man proposed that he wanted to be with me again. My love situation was quite confusing, during our relationship we parted ways several times and got back together. The breaks in our relationship never lasted more than two weeks. After one of our arguments he said he was leaving. I thought we would reconcile again in a week or two, but this time it was different. I didn’t hear from him for five weeks and that’s what prompted me to use love-spell.org. The effect of the spell was slow, but thankfully all ended well and we are together again. Sincerely.

  4. I used egyptian love binding spell from love-spell.org because I wanted to get back a guy who left me for no apparent reason. He had no one else, yet he decided to leave me because he wanted another 2-3 years to try a different life and have fun. I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t afford to lose him permanently and so I ordered a love spell. The spell worked within 9 weeks, after which we were together again. I am incredibly happy with the results.

  5. For my part, I also confirm the effect of egyptian love binding spell. I used it because a guy I was with for 1.5 years left me. He left basically without a word. He didn’t explain clear reasons. I was stifled. I decided to keep my dignity and try to pull myself together. Unfortunately, the heart does not serve, I missed him immensely. After two months of no contact, I couldn’t stand it and decided to use spells. After completing them, I received pictures that I liked. I believed that the spells could work. It did, just 7 weeks after the spells ended we became a couple again and the proposal to come back came from him. I am incredibly happy with the results.

  6. I recommend egyptian love binding spell because it got me back the man I was with for 3 years. His reason for leaving was really trivial (at least in my opinion). He said he needed to try a new life and felt burned out in our relationship. I had a completely different opinion, I saw a future for us together. I used a love spell and within 2 months the man came back to me. He apologized to me for leaving me. We are together again and get along great.

  7. Egyptian love binding spell helped me get back the woman I was with for 3 years. Our relationship was going great until her friend from college showed up. He began to stir things up between us. She started seeing him more and more and I was sidelined. I didn’t give up, so I used a spell. The first effects came quite early, because after only about 3 weeks she stopped seeing him. Slowly she renewed contact with me until finally we came to the conclusion that we would try again. I am happy with the results.

  8. I agree with the previous reviews. I used love-spell.org because I found many positive reviews on other websites. My case was that the man I was with for two years left me. He did not leave for another woman, but said that something was missing in our relationship. His explanation was weak, but it hit me hard. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, so I used love magic. After ordering the spell, I calmly waited for the effects. The effects came about 11 weeks after ordering, when he came back to me completely unexpectedly. I will not describe the details of this return meeting, but it was fantastic. We have been together again for 5 weeks and we understand each other perfectly, just like at the beginning of our acquaintance. I am full of hope that it will stay like this.

  9. I agree that egyptian love binding spell from love-spell.org is really powerful. I used it because I was in a bad love situation. The man I was in a relationship with for almost a year and a half left me. In leaving, he didn’t explain much, he just said he didn’t want to be with me anymore. Those words and his arrogant behavior really hurt me. I was still in love with him and started looking for a way to be with him again. Therefore, I ordered a love spell. The spell worked, 10 weeks after ordering it, he started asking me to be with him again. Now we are a couple again and we get along very well.

  10. I recommend the Egyptian love binding spell from love-spell.org. I ordered it because I didn’t know how to get the affection of a man I have been working with in the same company for 3 years. I tried several times to get him to fall in love with me, but it was all to no avail, he wasn’t paying attention to me. I knew he had no one and so I decided to use a spell. I knew I wouldn’t hurt anyone with this spell. After ordering I waited calmly for the effects, to be honest I gave 50-50% that the spell would work. I was positively surprised, after about 9 weeks from ordering the man came back to me.

  11. This spell is actually quite powerful. I ordered it rather quickly after the man of my life left me. I didn’t wait long, just a week after his breakup I decided to act decisively and used love magic. Reading several articles and reviews was enough for me to decide that egyptian love binding spell would be the right choice. The return happened gradually, within 4 weeks the man renewed contact with me, we started exchanging messages via text messages and Facebook. Then we started seeing each other again. After several more casual encounters, during which I did not encourage him to come back, he came to the conclusion that he would propose that we become a couple. I agreed and for over 6 weeks we have been together again and getting along great. I hope this state of affairs will continue. Thank you for casting an effective spell.

  12. A very powerful and effective spell that helped me get the man of my dreams back. He left me and started dating other women. He didn’t have anyone permanently, but he created an account on a dating site and through this site he met new women. I was jealous and missed him very much. I started looking on the internet for ways to get him back. That’s how I found love-spell.org and ordered egyptian love binding spell. I was hoping for quick results, but for the first month nothing happened. I was losing hope, but after a month he started talking to me again. After a few looser meetings we came to the conclusion that we would try to be with each other again. We are together again and I am very happy.

  13. I recommend love-spell.org. I ordered a powerfull love spell on this site. I was prompted to do so by my love situation. I had been with a man for over three years. Our relationship was going decently, there were moments of boredom, but overall we were able to get along. Unfortunately, something got into his head and he decided to break up with me. Our contact began to consist only of exchanging basic messages. I missed him a lot, and that’s why I started thinking about how to get him back. I decided to use a love spell, because I saw no other option. It was the right solution. After 9 weeks after the spell ended, he asked me to give him a second chance, to which I agreed. We have been together again for a month now and are able to communicate with each other.

  14. The Wiccan spell worked as I expected it to. The reason for the order was that I wanted to get a man I had been trying to get for some time, but he was not interested in a relationship and all the time wanted to maintain a collegial relationship with me. After using the spell, the situation changed. He began to pay more attention to me. We began to meet and write to each other. This state of affairs lasted for about two months. After that time we decided to start a relationship. We have been a couple for 4 months now and we really fit together. I’m counting on the effects to last.

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