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I have included below a recipe for a love spell using selenite and affirmations

Love, a force that transcends boundaries and connects hearts, has long been a focal point in magical practices. In the realm of love magic, the ethereal and purifying qualities of selenite crystals converge with the transformative power of affirmations to create a spellbinding synergy. In this exploration, we will journey into the mystique of love magic, understanding the unique properties of selenite, the art of crafting affirmations, and how this magical union can bring love and positivity into our lives.

Selenite: The Crystal of Divine Light:

Selenite, named after the ancient Greek moon goddess Selene, is renowned for its luminous, pearlescent appearance and its association with spiritual clarity. Often referred to as the “liquid light” or “stone of the moon,” selenite is believed to carry the energy of the moon, providing a gentle and purifying influence. In the context of love magic, selenite serves as a conduit for divine love and spiritual connection.

The crystal’s purifying nature is thought to cleanse the energetic pathways within and around the practitioner, creating a harmonious environment for love energy to flow. Its high vibrational frequency is said to enhance intuition and invite a sense of calm, essential qualities for anyone seeking to manifest love in their life.

Crafting Affirmations: The Power of Spoken Intentions:

Affirmations are powerful tools that harness the energy of positive thinking and intention-setting. By crafting and repeating affirmations, individuals can shift their mindset and attract the energies they desire. In the context of love magic with selenite, affirmations become a means of channeling intentions directly into the crystal, amplifying their vibrational frequency and radiating them into the universe.

When creating love affirmations, it’s crucial to use language that resonates with your true desires. Affirmations should be positive, present tense, and framed in a way that reflects the feelings and experiences you seek to attract. For example, instead of saying, “I want to find love,” one might affirm, “Love flows effortlessly into my life, bringing joy, fulfillment, and deep connection.”

Crafting Your Love Magic Ritual:

Embark on a magical journey with selenite and affirmations to manifest the love you desire. Follow these steps to create a meaningful love magic ritual:

  1. Setting the Intention: Clearly define your intention for the ritual. Whether you’re seeking a new romantic relationship, hoping to strengthen an existing one, or aiming to foster self-love, articulate your desires with clarity.
  2. Choosing Your Selenite Crystal: Select a selenite crystal that resonates with you. Hold it in your hands, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths to attune yourself to its energy. Visualize the crystal enveloped in a soft, radiant light, cleansing and purifying your energy field.
  3. Crafting Affirmations: Sit in a quiet and comfortable space with your selenite crystal. Reflect on the love you wish to manifest and craft affirmations that align with your intentions. Write them down or say them aloud, infusing each word with sincerity and emotion.
  4. Affirmation Charging: Hold the selenite crystal in your hands, gently placing it over your heart. Repeat your love affirmations with conviction, allowing the energy of your intentions to flow into the crystal. Visualize the selenite absorbing and magnifying the positive energy, creating a radiant aura around you.
  5. Meditation and Visualization: Close your eyes and enter a meditative state. Envision the love you desire, picturing it as a vibrant, glowing light surrounding you. Feel the selenite amplifying this energy, creating a magnetic field that draws love into your life.
  6. Placement and Display: Choose a special place for your charged selenite crystal. This could be on your bedside table, in a sacred space, or wherever you feel its energy will be most effective. Display it alongside meaningful objects or symbols associated with love.
  7. Daily Affirmation Practice: Commit to a daily practice of repeating your love affirmations with the charged selenite crystal. Allow the crystal to serve as a constant reminder of your intentions and a focal point for the manifestation of love.


Love magic, when blended with the enchanting energies of selenite and affirmations, becomes a profound and transformative experience. Through the divine light of selenite and the power of positive affirmations, practitioners can align their energies with the universal forces of love, creating a harmonious resonance that attracts love into their lives. Remember, the key to successful love magic lies in sincerity, belief, and the continuous cultivation of positive energy. May your journey into the realm of love magic with selenite and affirmations be filled with radiance, positivity, and the fulfillment of your heart’s deepest desires.

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