Hello everyone. I started this blog because I am in a difficult love situation. For 3 years I was in a relationship with a man I still love. I thought nothing would keep us apart. I was planning a future together, I thought we would start a family soon. Unfortunately, he unexpectedly left me. When he broke up with me, he didn’t explain much. He said he felt burned out and wanted to part ways. At first, I didn’t believe it. The fact that he left me was a huge blow for me, it was hard for me to pull myself together. I was depressed for several weeks, I couldn’t understand what had happened. I had problems with sleep, I lost a few kilos. It’s a little better now, I recovered and decided that I would do anything to get him back. I started looking for ways to do it, and that’s how I found pages with love spell advertisements. I have been browsing such sites regularly for three weeks. I read about the effectiveness of love spells. On this blog, I want to share my reflections and ask you about the effectiveness of spells.

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