Egyptian love spells using candles

The roots of Egyptian love magic can be traced back to the earliest civilizations along the Nile River. Love, romance, and desire played a significant role in the lives of the ancient Egyptians, and they believed that these sentiments were integral to the harmony of the individual and the community. To harness the power of love, the ancient Egyptians turned to magic, ritual, and symbolism, developing a complex system of love spells and rituals.

Candles were an essential element in Egyptian love magic. They represented the illumination of the heart and soul, providing light to guide the path of love. The flame of a candle symbolized the warmth, passion, and desire that love brought into one’s life. When used in love spells and rituals, candles served as a conduit to invoke the divine and harness the energies needed to kindle love and desire. The choice of candle color was of paramount importance in Egyptian love magic. Red candles were favored for their association with passion and love, while white candles symbolized purity and fidelity. The candle’s color was carefully selected to align with the intent of the spell or ritual, and multiple candles of different colors were often used to address various aspects of love.


Malachite, a mesmerizing green gemstone, held a special place in Egyptian culture and love magic. This stone was associated with the goddess Hathor, the deity of love, beauty, and music. Malachite was believed to channel the goddess’s energies and bless the wearer with her divine favor, making it a highly prized gem in matters of the heart. The swirling green patterns in malachite were thought to represent the ever-flowing nature of love. This stone was often carved into amulets, pendants, or jewelry to be worn close to the heart, ensuring the constant presence of love’s energy in one’s life.

How to perform Egyptian love magic with candles and malachite?

Performing Egyptian love magic with candles and malachite required a deep understanding of the rituals and symbolism involved. Below are steps to conduct a simple love spell:

  1. Set your intent: Clearly define your intention. Whether you seek a new love, to rekindle an existing relationship, or to enhance the passion in your life, your intent is the foundation of the spell.
  2. Select your candles: Choose candles of the appropriate colors for your intention. Red candles for passion, white for purity, or any other colors that resonate with your goal.
  3. Prepare your space: Find a quiet, undisturbed space for your ritual. Cleanse the area, and make it sacred by lighting incense or using sage to smudge.
  4. Choose your malachite: If you have a piece of malachite, hold it in your hand and focus on your intention. Feel the energy of the gemstone connecting with your heart’s desire.
  5. Light the candles: Light the chosen candles, one by one. As you do, visualize your intention, and feel the warmth of the candle’s flame reflecting the love you wish to attract or enhance.
  6. Recite incantations: While gazing at the flames, recite incantations or words of power that affirm your intent. You can also call upon the goddess Hathor for her blessings and guidance.
  7. Meditate and focus: Sit in a meditative position, holding the malachite in your hand. Close your eyes and concentrate on your intention, allowing the energy of the candles and malachite to merge within you.
  8. Release your intent: When you feel your intention is deeply embedded in your heart, release it into the universe. Visualize it radiating out from your heart, connecting with the energies of the candles and malachite.
  9. Close the ritual: Thank the goddess Hathor and the elements for their assistance. Extinguish the candles in reverse order and keep the malachite close to you, preferably as jewelry or a talisman.


Egyptian love magic with candles and malachite is a fascinating and powerful practice that taps into the deep spiritual traditions of ancient Egypt. By harnessing the symbolism and energies of candles and the enchanting malachite, practitioners can manifest love, passion, and desire in their lives. Whether you’re seeking to kindle a new romance, strengthen an existing relationship, or simply invite more love into your life, this ancient art offers a pathway to connect with the divine forces of love and attraction.

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